Meet Our Team Gymnasts



Ariy L. 4 FLOOR “I have 10 animals”
Warner B. 4 BARS “My name means Protector of the People”
Ella S. 5 FLOOR “I love cats.”
Ellisa W. 4 FLOOR “I hate popcorn.”
Julia B. 4 FLOOR “I have 6 horses.”
Delana C. 6 FLOOR “I ride horses!”
Mei D.F. 6 FLOOR “I speak spanish.”
Payton G. 3 BARS “My favorite color is ALL of the colors.”
Janelle H. 4 BARS “I have been to Alaska”
Jenna K. 6 BEAM “Panda’s are my favorite animal.”
Addie C.
3 VAULT “I can pick up large sticks & make forts.”
Judith W.M. 6 BARS “I love chocolate.”
Teras W. 6 BARS “I like singing. I am in a singing group with my friends.”
Zoey D. 6 VAULT “I love to travel.”
Eliana K. 3 FLOOR “I have a dog named Pepper.”
Fiona C. 3 VAULT “I’ve got my round off, back-handspring!”