CVGA Competitive Team Philosophy:

Being part of the CVGA team means being part of a family and supporting each other.  Our goal is to impact each gymnast in a positive way.  We want to help teach children how to be mentally and physically strong as well as self-reliant.  We will learn to appreciate personal goals and a healthy way to go about achieving them.


Team is a year round commitment from both the athlete and the athlete’s family.  The gymnast needs to be committed, otherwise they should not be doing it.  Gymnasts must want to train and work hard to persevere.

Team Practice Rules:

  • Attend all practices and on time.
  • Dress properly, leotard only!
  • Hair pulled back BEFORE practice starts.
  • Support your teammates!
  • Work hard with a positive attitude.
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Communicate with coaches about goals, injuries and gymnastics questions.
  • Be polite and respectful at all times to ALL staff, teammates and other students


ONLY 1 Make up per month either to be completed on a regular team night that is not your normal night or 1 Saturday every 8 weeks offered. Make ups do not “accumulate”. Either they are made up that month or are forfeited.